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  • Men’s Swiss Watches. Top quality complications.

    “Great stories happen to those who can tell them”, says Ira Glass, a famous American broadcaster and author.

    Swiss watches have a great story throughout centuries and their manufacturers are doubtless great story tellers.

    It’s practically an honor to have a Swiss made watch and the craftsman deserves respect and appreciation for his contribution to a work of art.

    Now let’s try a more practical approach:

    1.  Buying a Swiss watch requires a budget. The less expensive models may start from £500 and may reach fabulous amounts with 6 digits. The first question is thus how much you want to spend on your new watch.
    2.  A watch is like any other object you have to take care of, especially the mechanical ones.
    3.  Mechanical movements, compared to the quartz ones, are handcrafted thus more expensive. They demand special attention.
    4.  Water resistance is not a permanent feature so if you use the watch under water on a regular basis, then you have to reproof it once in a couple of years.
    5.  Insure the watch. It is a valuable piece of art.
    6.  For the passionate collectors, always remember the Big 3: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin.

    5 signs of a good Swiss watch:

    1.  Weight: a Swiss watch can be heavy due to complications thus it is a sign of high quality.
    2.  The movement: it is perfectly constructed so the ticks happen nine times a second.
    3.  The brand and its history: tradition and reputation make all the difference in the world.
    4.  Swiss made stamp: tough standards are raised by the Swiss Government to fight counterfeiting.
    5.  Precision: even if a quartz movement watch is more accurate, the mechanical watch is still the luxury choice.

    Of course, all these signs do not keep the fakes away from the market. The only measure you can take is buying from respectable dealers while keeping yourself informed.

    From our point of view, a Swiss watch is a timepiece for the connoisseurs. All the Swiss Made watches hit perfection, have unrivaled reputation and are highly desirable. It is a statement of taste and wealth, a promise that the watch bought today will continue to tick tock at your grandson’s wrist. Either a gift or a personal acquisition, a Swiss watch will never disappoint. In casual circumstances, at a gala or in a business meeting, your Swiss watch will tell everybody about your great style and fabulous taste.
    People will continue to buy these marvelous watches and moreover will transmit them from generation to generation perpetuating the beautiful story of the Swiss watch.

    We invite you to stick to the Swiss reputation, to celebrate high end quality and extraordinary art with a Swiss made watch with exclusive features, astonishing complications and remarkable accents, various colors and models, straps and bands, leather or precious metals, diamonds and sapphires. A beautiful watch packed in a perfect elegant box, with stylish interior.

    This is the Swiss promise for all its customers worldwide, a promise kept throughout over 250 years.

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