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  • Men’s Smart Watches. We love technology.

    1979. Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy describes Earth as "an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea."

    2013. First smart watches make their entrance into the market.

    2015. Some reports say we check our smart phones 150 times a day. This is absolutely tremendous in terms of relation with our devices.

    Tech companies have learnt their lesson from the watch companies: it’s easier to check valuable information if it’s on the wrist.

    Watches are not information only. They are also statements. I’m rich. I’m young. I’m bold. I’m original.

    Top facts about men’s smart watches:

    1.  They are no longer science fiction.
    2.  They work in a simple manner: via a Bluetooth connection with an Android or iOS device, respectively, interacting with various apps on that device.
    3.  They continuously evolve.
    4.  They have microprocessors, powerful batteries, full circle faces.
    5.  The user may answer calls, send texts or simply interact with them in a similar way to a smart phone.
    6.  Apart from these, they can help the user track the health state combined with physical activity.

    Would you like to buy a smart watch? Perfect.

    But firstly let’s present some information to better help you make a wise decision.

    1.  Before buying, think of the operating system and Bluetooth version as your smart watch is like a companion to your phone or tablet. It’s always a matter of compatibility.
    2.  Buttons or touch: those with buttons seem to be more affordable and preferred by the traditional users. On the other hand, the touch screen watch is easier to use.
    3.  The display can be either monochrome E Ink or colored. The first saves a lot of battery and lets you read displayed information outdoors. The colored display however allows you to see content in colors.
    4.  Quality smart watches offer the possibility to swap the bands not only for fashion reasons, but for more comfort.
    5.  Notifications should be a must have for emails, texts and incoming calls. You may also want to integrate social media channels.  
    6.  Look for activity monitoring functions: pedometer, heart rate monitor, integrated GPS.

    What do we have today? A watch receives texts, Facebook messages, runs apps and controls media. The smart watch is here to save time, for sure. Checking our smart phones 150 times a day? Well, that is something. The market seems to explode. Everybody needs a smart watch in a period when less people wear watches.

    And indeed, you also need a smart watch. It will help you live longer as it provides health data, your phone will have more battery, and you’ll have a more discrete device compared to your phone. From top brands such as Samsung or Apple to less known entrants, smart watched are closer than you think. Just stay informed, browse through our collections and choose your perfect tech match to tell not only the time, but the calories.

Watch Image