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  • Men’s Military Watches. Mission accomplished.

    The military watches, similar to the aviator ones, entered the retail market due to their reliability, precision and, of course, designs.

    World War I made the wrist watch quite popular, but at the time it was considered an item for ladies only. Still, the persistent problem, the pocket watch and the enamel dials kept them fragile and difficult to use. So, they came up with a metal grill. However, it was not until the beginning of the World War II that Switzerland, America and Japan received orders to manufacture reliable watches for the armies under the secret military specifications known as Mil-Spec. Throughout years, military watches details were imported as features of common timepieces demonstrating their performance and reliability.

    Even if everyday life is not a battle field, military watches worn on a daily basis should be tougher than the sport watches. Practically, they are the watches that are meant to save you, to offer you information and to resist under extreme conditions, in the air, on land and on the sea.

    Some of the most important features of a military watch are:

    1.  Resistance to shocks;
    2.  Waterproof;
    3.  Water resistance;
    4.  Anti-magnetism;
    5.  Backlit LED;
    6.  Anti-reflective crystal;
    7.  Compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer;
    8.  Vertical speed indicator;
    9.  Power reserve;
    10. Rubber strap;
    11. Depending on the served zone (combat versus non-combat), the person wearing it should have either a watch with no beeps or other noises or an accurate piece.

    When buying a military watch, the experts look thoroughly at these aspects:

    » The movement: Swiss, quartz;
    » The case: stainless steel or aluminum, shock resistant, with crown protection, able to protect the movement from humidity, sandstorms etc.;
    » The crystal: scratch resistant to be easily read and preferably with wire cage over the crystal;
    » The dial: either analog (rapid time check) or digital (precise timekeeping); some have dual displays. It should have luminous hand and numerals and show 24-hour military time;
    » The band: either made out of rubber, webbed nylon or water resistant leather; some prefer carbon fiber or stainless steel;
    » Power: battery or self-winding; avoid manually wound watches;
    » Protections: waterproof or water resistant.

    As a general remark, a military watch is a very special timepiece and it is quite difficult to match it with daily outfits or with clothes for evening occasions. 

    However, it is a type of watch that can successfully complete your collection offering the possibility to use it when you start a mountain adventure, for example.  Lightweight, with ceramic or titanium cases, with luminescent markers, solar powered or with battery, with temperature sensor or storm alert. The options are unlimited.

    In today's world, timing is everything.  Men's military watches do this and many other things too.  With a great selection of watches, we can help you choose the perfect timepeice, a brilliant military watch

Watch Image