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  • Men’s Luxury Watches or the power of the money on your wrist

    All the men looking for luxury watches are connoisseurs, with years of education on watches, manufacturers and complications. They expect not only precision and complication, but beauty due to hours of effort put into the design. They know precisely what to look for in a watch and the amount of money they should pay for it. And they are never overwhelmed by the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to run away from their wallets in exchange for a high end watch.

    We also consider luxury watches are to be treated with full respect and thorough documentation and this is why we would like to share some secrets with you.

    The short guide to high end watches and the true value for the money

    Rule #1 The metal
    A high end watch is made of high end materials. It is absolutely mandatory to have the best valuable. Both gold and titanium are top materials, but gold is also precious. It is also very important to check on the number of parts made of precious metal. Is it just part of the case or is it the entire set? What about the hands of the watch? In most of the luxury watches, it is supposed to exist a large amount of precious metal: gold (in various colors: rose, pink, red etc), platinum and sometimes silver.

    Rule #2 The jewels and the unique extraordinary materials
    What is the origin of the stone? This should be your first question. They could be either natural or manufactured. While natural stones come from mining and are the most valuable, the manufactured ones, precisely those created in a lab, are commonly used. Sapphires (a component of the watch crystal), some diamonds, and many others (including lab pearls) are top of the list. Another option may be the "recycled stones" from older or unsold items.
    Another point is the quality of the stone. Check the color and the size. Ask for the origin and total carat amount.
    Throughout the last year, both cases and movements were built using new compounds and innovative materials showing once again the power of research and technology: silica, ceramics, composite resin, forged carbon, to count just a few.

    Rule #3 The movement and the complications
    Some companies build their own movements (especially top houses) and some others buy them and prefer to add modules aimed to make them unique and special. Either way, the result is guaranteed: a very complicated watch movement thus valuable and expansive.
    Luxury watches have extreme complications: rattrap ante, moon phases, perpetual calendars, various time zones and world timers etc. In any case, you should look for complications that are not easy to find in lower priced watches.

    Rule #4 Seal of Geneva
    Only a small number of watch makers have their movements sealed. The seal is on some watches that are designed and assembled in Geneva, Switzerland, and it certifies the quality and the origin of the timepiece. While the absence of the Seal does not result in poor quality of the watch, the pieces having it are ranked as highly luxurious.

    Rule #5 For the few
    The best in life comes either after a certain age or in limited quantities. Limited editions are highly valuable and exclusivist.  Search for them.

    And last but not least, if you decide to buy a luxury watch, be generous with you! We can help you.

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