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  • Men’s Leather Watches - the versatile choice

    Leather watches can be equally formal and casual. They can go very well with a suit or with a pair of jeans. While not as enduring as steel, if carefully worn, they can offer a pleasurable experience over the years. Basically, there are numerous men’s watch models that can easily be worn with leather straps: chronographs, digital, elegant, sport, high end or less expansive. The strap comes in various lengths, sizes, and leather types.

    A classic material, leather is now available in many colors, however the well known remain black, brown and tan.

    There are many types of leathers and imprints:

    »  Naturally tanned leather straps are recommended when trying to find natural beauty with a sophisticated edge.
    »  Grained surface leather straps include carbon look leather, lizard or alligator grain, or naturally grained leather.
    »  Smooth surface leather straps, available in various colors and designs.
    »  Patent surface treated with varnishes or just having a thin layer of plastic.
    »  Leather straps fit with a clasp for a more elegant or sport look.

    Regarding the leather straps, there is a large variety of models:

    »  Common: cow and calf, including suede;
    »  Exotic: snake, ostrich, shark, crocodile, alligator, pearl ray or buffalo;
    »  Other exotics: elk, deer, goat;
    »  Imitations.

    Generally speaking, most of the high end men’s watches come with high quality straps, carefully manufactured using traditional methods in selected tanneries.

    What you should know when buying or wearing a leather watch:

    1.  Size the strap correctly for comfort otherwise the watch will chafe at the wrist.
    2.  If you prefer an active life, take the watch off to protect the strap because it absorbs the sweat. However, you may wait the strap to dry and then put it back so to keep it clean.
    3.  Preferably, buy natural leather straps. They are reliable and cost effective. Cow leather watches are labeled simply leather.
    4.  Suede watch straps are to be replaced quite often (once a year) because there is no way to keep them clean.
    5.  In many circumstances, exotics are not genuine. However, when you have a genuine exotic leather watch, you should try not to wear it on a daily basis as this type of leather is not as reliable as the other ones.

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