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    As a matter of fact, the gold watch is a classic choice. It does not mean you give up being fancy and modern, but you’d rather prefer prestige and opulence, that crème de la crème when it comes to watches. New exciting models are crafted year after year covering various tastes and needs.  So there is no room for old fashioned here.

    The gold watch is, above all, a jewel and it should be treated likewise: with care and respect for the craftsman who devoted hours of work to create the masterpiece.

    In a gold watch, as in any other gold jewel, the purity of the metal is the differentiating factor. Usually measured in karats, the highest purity in gold is 24k. However, 24k gold is not that rigid so additional substances need be mixed thus resulting a more solid and less expansive watch.

    You may also need to know that a decrease in the gold purity brings a lower value of the karat. For example, 10k gold has 40% purity, 18k has 75% purity and 22k, over 90%.

    Other important aspects to consider when choosing a gold watch:

    »  The craftsmanship
    »  The design
    »  The brand name

    These 3 aspects are strongly related and can’t exist one without the other. While others will hardly try to enter the market of luxurious gold watch, an experienced craftsman will always create amazing designs for renowned top houses.

    A gold watch gives the owner 3 unrivaled benefits:

    1. Impressive beauty: authentic gold puts a note of elegance on any wrist, the gold watch has a beautiful color and shine, and it permanently glows even if it has only parts made out of gold. Brown leather straps or red accents perfectly match this stunning metal and go very well with various colors: black, brown, navy blue or red.
    2. True value: gold has always been a wise investment. More than that, gold objects are more valuable as the time goes by. Think of your grand-grandmother’s ring passing through generations and still worn today. The gold watch you buy now will certainly have a higher value over time.
    3. Remarkable presents: people have always preferred to mark important moments in their lives with spectacular jewelry. Think out of the box and buy a gold watch. It will be the perfect surprise for your loved one.

    Gold has transcended the years and still remains one of the most spectacular metals, showing the power and the wealth of the owner. Some of the best watch designers have been able to create stunning models by combining various gold colors, precious stones, and leather straps, bringing the simple common wrist watch to a totally new level of perfection through cutting edge creativity and value.

    The gold watch continues to show its beauty in various circumstances, perfectly completing outfits of the most exquisite celebrities around the world.

    You deserve to be part of the fine club of gold watch owners and our selection will certainly offer you the chance to honor your elegant style.

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