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  • Men’s Digital Watches – let’s talk about functionality

    A necessity? A fashion item? Whatever the option might be, we can’t imagine today’s watches without functionality and style. When talking about digital watches, we should not fall into the trap of comparisons with the analogue models. They both are welcome and serve the owner in different ways. It is not a matter of which deserves more as both types have their fair niche.

    1972. The first digital wrist watch hit the market manufactured by the American Hamilton Watch Company. The Pulsar was an 18-carat gold and the buyer was supposed to pay no less than $2,100 (about $11,400 today). In three years, over 80 models had been created for the fans of the new technology.
    It is said that the Hamilton created a digital clock in 1968 presented in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a teaser for the future timepieces meant to revolutionize the world of watches.

    Over these years, the digital watch has passed through various changes aimed to offer all the necessary functionalities and more. Of course, price has been one of the elements to dramatically change favoring the technology fans.

    Today, the digital watch is to be found in various colors, materials and unimaginable features. However, the styles are basically the same: casual, fashion, luxury or sport.

    Anytime you decide to buy a digital watch, as a matter of fact you should come down to a list of precise features. The most important ones refer to water resistance (displayed on the watch face; the scuba ones may be used up to 300 meters), clear and simple face (there’s always a button on the edge and pressing it will illuminate the face and the digits, for example), comfortable strap, alarms and stopwatch.

    6 top specific features of a digital watch:

    1. Altimeter: useful to show the elevation above the sea level.
    2. Compass: next to the altimeter and barometer, this is a very useful outdoor tool.
    3. Temperature: the current status including a functionality to switch in between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    4. WIFI: for checking emails and surfing the web.
    5. Calorie monitor: as in most sport watches, this feature shows how many calories you burned over a period of time.
    6. Weather forecast: updated news regarding the weather.  

    Unlike other watches, the digital is more about features rather than looks. They play a huge role in your buying decision and that is why it is important to pay attention to them. If you need a watch to tell the time and nothing more, than you should think of a less complicated model, with basic features.
    On the other hand, if you need to go towards a full featured piece, than you should carefully compare functionalities so your choice meets the rigorous balance between price and needs.

    Finding the right digital watch is not that complicated, it just requires time and patience as many models are similar and this is making the decision even harder.
    This is why our experts have selected a wide range of models to help you enter the world of the 21st digital watches.

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