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  • Men’s Designer Watches – the fabulous catwalk on your wrist

    A stunning watch is and will always be a great way to complete your style and elevate your personality.
    But when a watch wears the signature of a famous designer, well, this is the absolute path to recognition of you as a tasteful trendsetter.

    The designer watches have been long appreciated not only for the signature, but for their functionality and reliability, being considered that a famous designer would never work with untrustworthy sources.

    What you need to know when you decide to buy a designer watch:

    »  A designer watch has the same features and components as others (size, water resistance, movement, dial, crystal, and strap) and sometimes these include date or chronometer, depending on the model.
    »  Most of the designer watches display a maximum 50 meters water resistance, meaning that the owner may wash dishes, jet skiing, go to kayak activities or swim in shallow water, but he/she may not dive, snorkel or bathe while wearing it.
    »   A designer watch may be available with all three types of movements (mechanical, automatic and quartz).
    Most of the models are analogue, not digital, as the designer seeks for an elegant and stylish look.
    »   It is crafted with sapphire crystal, not plastic, stainless steel case or even titanium.
    »   The design and signature may bring the watch a relatively high price.

    Unlike others, designer watches are created under the fabulous atmosphere of the catwalk: there are three different styles available: the everyday watch, the weekender, and the dress watch.

    Let’s give you some useful insights on the styles:

    The everyday watch, as the name recalls, is designed for all day purposes, either at work or when you go out with your friends. Compared to the weekender, it is more conventional but less ceremonial if we think of the dress watch. It offers comfort and practicality. In many cases, this type of designer watch is available with chronograph features. It is a popular choice among many gentlemen.

    The weekender waits for the weekend. Suitable for outdoor activities, it is durable, easy to wear, and stylish at the same time. It is considered a casual timepiece, due to its aspect (rubber strap, tough and sporty looks, digital display with higher water resistance). It perfectly completes any man’s watch collection, especially of those paying attention to style and fashion.

    The dress watch or how to look perfect in the evenings, at the opera. Elegant and classy. You should have one for your formal attire. Remember: when buying a designer dress watch, you should look after metal bands, analogue displays and looks, not features. You should also be prepared to pay a higher price, as this type of watch asks for high end craftsmanship.

    Either a first time buyer or a well-documented watch collector, you will find here a wide selection of first-class designer watches offering comfort, quality and style for as many occasions as possible. Feel free to search for your favorite model and enter the designers’ exclusivist club with an elegant reliable watch.

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