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  • Jorg Gray Men’s Watch – watch the fabulous watch!

    Jorg Gray is an American watch company famous for being preferred by politicians from all over the world and celebrities.  Established in 1998 as a producer of promotional watches for corporations, it was not until 2009 that it hit the retail marketplace. It is well known that the Jorg Gray watches are worn by many celebrities and political dignitaries, and even by state leaders. Their story is made to last forever and, once again, you must commit to reliability and design.

    But how has it become one of the most preferred watches ever?

    It is a beautifully crafted chronograph watch;
    » All sorts of celebrities were photographed wearing a Jorg  Gray watch at all kinds of formal and red carpet events;
    » It is a very popular and desirable timepiece;
    » It is the living proof that a watch can become an iconic model of quality, reliability and of precision and elegance.

    A high quality watch says a lot about the man wearing it. It is about style, personality, individuality, taste. The watch tells your story like no other accessory you might wear.

    The 10 collections from Jorg Gray promise an unforgettable time experience for an authentic elegant gentleman, an affordable luxury piece: stainless steel, leather, chronographs, uncompromising functionality, sleek designs, silver or rose-gold case finishes, classy looks, matte finishes of the wrist bands.

    Why buy a Jorg Gray Men’s Watch?

    1. It successfully covers the three must have of a watch: quality, price, style.
    2. It’s very accurate due to its Japanese Miyota Movement.
    3. It’s fashionable, with nice designs, intricate dials and casings.
    4. It has scratch-resistant materials and protective clasps on the screw-down crown.
    5. The weight and size are well designed for all types of wrists.
    6. The elegant and high quality features are to be found at affordable prices.

    Maybe one of the most obvious features of Jorg Gray is that it gathers famous brand ambassadors and we are talking about Ben Spies, Moto GP and former World Bike Champion, the famous soccer player Clint Dempsey, Alex Tagliani or Connor de Phillipi. People with all kinds of backgrounds, educations and professions are joining hands to stand behind and endorse Jorg Gray men’s watches. And this comes to no surprise as they are truly a work of art and also timeless pieces of elegance.

    Similar to its ambassadors’ passion for sports, performance and reliability, Jorg Gray commits to a world of high end products, fully designed by passionate craftsmen, with a strong reputation for their combination of modern and traditional and always paying great attention to detail.
    We kindly invite you to meet our timeless star, Jorg Grey, and introduce it to your collection of trustworthy friends, as Spies once said: “I have been so impressed working with Jorg Gray so far, it only seemed natural to integrate my two families together. We all love the sleek look, functionality, and high quality of Jorg Gray watches on and off the road”.

Watch Image