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  • Invicta Men’s Watch – for the invincible ones

    Date: December, the 8th 2012
    Project: Invicta Edge of Space
    Scientific team leader: Benjamin Longmier, PhD in Plasma Physics, University of Wisconsin

    36 Invicta timepieces start a journey of over 100,000 ft (30 km) to the upper stratosphere, meet extreme temperatures of -64F, and travel at over 770 MPH. In the adventurous journey, the Invicta watches stay almost 3 hours under severe conditions.  24 of the 36 Invicta men’s watches safely return to Earth at supersonic Mach 1 speed.

    Fabulous experiment! Awesome result! This is Invicta!

    Invincible. Or Invicta in Latin and in any other language since the 19th century. Delivering military watches during World War II, Invicta won its fame even more. As a matter of fact, some of their military models are displayed at the Musee International d’Horlogerie, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, home to Omega and Invicta itself. Believing that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums, the Swiss brand established by Raphael Picard disappeared in 1970’s due to the quartz movement resulting in mass productions thus low prices offered by companies with brands such as Casio. But the beginning of the 1990’s has brought back the innovation from Invicta as the company was bought by an American investor, now proudly presenting more than 30 various collections with more than thousand models covering a wide range of tastes, from simple to sophisticated.

    Venom, Cuadro, Anatomic, Lupa, Pro Diver, Seabase… just to count a few. Renowned for its case complications, Invicta has been able to combine technical capabilities with creative designs. 

    Why buy an Invicta watch?

    » Creative designs;
    » Durability and style;
    » High quality at affordable prices;
    » Wide range of models, various sizes, colors, materials;
    » Different functions.

    As many other luxury pieces, watches are always the victims of the fake industry. Many have tried over the time to sell fake Invicta watches or replicas and sometimes they made it. Our recommendation is to stay away from what is seems to be a bargain and buy from us!

    7 ways to spot a fake Invicta Men’s Watch:

    1. Know the price. A $50 Invicta is quite probable to be a fake.
    2.  Try to inspect the inside parts of the watch. If it is written made in China, you are certainly in front of a fake.
    3.  Ask the seller to give you the documents (certificate of authenticity, warranty etc). If he seems not to find  them or tries to be ambiguous, then this should be a sign to consider your purchase.
    4.  The Invicta logo should be on the strap. A fake either shows no logo or has an incorrect or unclear one.
    5.  The Invicta logo and the name itself should be on the watch box, which could be yellow, transparent or
    sometimes wooden
    6.  The interior of the box has black velvet.
    7.  The general aspect should be of a high quality product.

    “The bottom line is we have a lot of respect for our consumers. We think that people are in the know and we value people's money. I don't think people have to pay thousands of dollars to get a quality time piece. I think our watches are beautiful. They are great. They are phenomenal. I, myself, love expensive watches. Whatever I can afford, I will buy something expensive. But most of the people out there cannot afford very expensive watches, but they are still entitled to have a quality watch. That's where we come in. An automatic is a starting point to collect watches. You don't start with a quartz watch with a $1.50 movement to begin a serious collection”. (Eyal Lalo, President of Invicta Watch Company of America).

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