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  • Chronograph Watches – stop the time!

    The chronograph watch or the time writer, as it literally means, has changed the world of sports since its first use till today. And it still continues to make its way through.

    Basically, the chronograph is a stopwatch beautifully combined with a display watch. Invented by Louis Monet, at the beginning of the 19th century, this instrument’s unique purpose, at that time, was to track astronomical objects. A few years later, King Louis XVIII invited Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec, a French watchmaker, to design a chronograph so His Majesty could have used it to time horse races.

    …for this purpose, His Majesty has granted and does grant him the title of his Watchmaker so that said Sieur Rieussec can enjoy all the honors, prerogatives and other benefits… (excerpt from the King’s royal warrant for Rieussac).

    The invention was to change the world of sports ever since. It was no longer about being faster than your competitor, but about time and records and how a horse, for example, can beat them. However, 20th century brought the tachymeter and the first rotating tachymeter bezel introduced by the well-known Tag Heuer (just Heuer, at that time).

    The chronograph has been continuously developed and it’s one of the most popular watches, especially for men, even there are many persons wearing a chronograph without knowing how to properly use it.

    Who should have a chronograph watch? Anyone to whom measuring time with precision makes the difference either at job, in business or at home. Of course, you don’t have to owe a race horse or to trade on Wall Street to be entitled for a chronograph. You may use it for various purposes: walks and runs, physical exercises, meetings, bike rides, cooking times, food deliveries, tracking the real time for your son’s homework or even your wife’s time in front of a mirror. Or better not!

    5 tips when deciding to buy chronograph watches:

    1.  Firstly, decide what you want to do with it: if you have objective reasons for counting time as stated before, than your choice is welcome. If you just need a watch to tell the time and nothing more, you should reconsider the options. Don’t buy chronograph watches you don’t use at their full capabilities just because they look nice or because your best friend just bought one for himself.
    2. Secondly, it should have a quartz movement: it’s more reliable and accurate.
    3. Pay attention to the case and wrist belt material. If you search for a long lasting timepiece, then stainless steel rules. However, you will find this option weighs a little bit. Its lighter version is made of titanium and it is a very good option, too. Either way, keep in mind that you have to properly take care of it.  And very important: don’t forget to screw the crown back after each operation so to ensure your watch remains water-resistant.
    4. The chronometer functions are also to be checked.

    And last but not least: search for as many reviews and opinions as possible. We recommend the famous F&Ps: friends and professionals. We are both, so ask us any time you want to buy a chronograph watch and want a successful purchase experience.

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