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  • Aviator Watches – reliability and precision Aviation enthusiasts, ready for an adventurous flight?

    Let’s start with the perfect watch! Performing a demanding job, such as the aviator’s one, asks not only for the right skills, but for the right functionalities around you.

    A little bit of history: as you can imagine, the rise of this type of watch links with the beginnings of aviation, somewhere in the first years of the 20th century. While trying to safely control the plane, aviators started to think of an easier solution to check the time as it was difficult to perform this operation having pocket watches. Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviator, asked Louis Cartier, one of his good friends, to think of a watch to be easily used during his flights. The designer never disappointed: he created the well-known Santos wristwatch in 1904. Not only it marked an important moment in the Cartier’s history, but it introduced the wristwatch style into the scene of timepieces. The sky is the limit… and human imagination has no boundaries in inventing ways to make one’s life easier: the Aviator wrist watches are born and they have continued their evolution from basic to sophisticate ever since.

    Some of the brands making history in the aviator watches are Breitling, IWC Shaffhausen, Hamilton, Longines, Stowa or Laco.

    Here’s what we found out when asking a pilot to name 3 qualities he looks for in an aviator watch:

    1.  It’s big and it can be easily used with the gloves on.
    2.  It combines both digital and analog.
    3.  It has longer straps.

    Even if aviator watches were firstly designed especially for pilots and their specific needs, throughout ages, model by model, it has become a masterpiece for ordinary people like you or me.

    Nowadays, more than ever, in a highly business like environment, tracking time by seconds or, let’s say, simply setting time when you are abroad while still checking the home time are very important features for most of us.

    Key features of an aviator watch

    »  Oversized case (55 mm)
    »  Iron inner core for anti-magnetism Longer straps to enable the watch to be worn over the
        pilot’s jacket
    »  Prominent diamond crown to enable adjustment when wearing gloves
    »  Rotary dials for celestial navigation
    »  Tachometer for calculating the velocity
    » 12 o’clock is often replaced with a triangle with the vertex up and two dots on both sides
    »  Resistance to high temperatures or kinetic shocks, dust and humidity

    In a large variety of styles and technical feature, today’s aviator’s watch is brought to us by many manufacturers, each of them trying to present a better, more performing model: with colored indicators or luminescent indexes for night vision, with sturdy cases and sapphire crystal, water resistant to various depths, with leather straps or metallic bracelets, with oversized pushed or simple buttons, quartz movement, solar-powered, practical and elegant, chronographs, they all encompass the functionality a pilot needs and the elegancy a real business man has to show in an important meeting.

Watch Image